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How to Keep Spring Allergies from Stealing Your Glow

April 12, 2019

 How to Keep Spring Allergies from Stealing Your Glow blog by adelie skin care

Spring is finally here! (Hooray, we made it!) This is such a beautiful season with its the glorious weather and blooming flowers. I love spring cleaning, especially opening the windows and letting the fresh air rush in and fill the house with that sweet-smelling spring breeze. I love thinking about the symbolic aspect of spring, how it is a new start and brings new life.

The one thing that threatens to ruin spring this year? Those dreadful seasonal allergies. Battling the itchy, watery eyes, a drippy nose, and that all-too-familiar tickling sensation in your throat that just won't quit. If you have seasonal allergies, I'm sure you're reading this thinking how much you can relate right now. That part of spring is not so beautiful! But I do have a little tip for you that will be the silver lining for those of you with seasonal allergies!

What Spring Allergies Can Mean for Your Skin

You would think that spring would mean a renewed, revived glow after the dryness of a harsh winter, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Spring allergies are caused by pollen, which is prevalent in the air at this time of the year. Spring allergies can affect any part of the body, including your skin. You might be noticing that your skin is looking dull, tired, red, dry, or flaky. You can blame it all on spring allergies!

The good news is that you can easily adapt your skincare routine to help with this, so that allergies don't rob you of your glow! (Now if I could only solve all the other symptoms of seasonal allergies!)

How to Protect Your Skin from Spring Allergies

Since the environment is what is triggering your seasonal allergies, the best way to protect your skin is to protect it from the environment. This means creating a physical barrier between your skin and the air. I recommend using an emollient balm after applying our Award Winning Cielo de Nómadas day serum to seal in moisture and keep it protected from the elements. You can also opt to use sunscreen, which is always a good idea, no matter the weather!

It’s as simple as that one extra step! I’d love to hear if that helped you get a beautiful spring glow! Share below in the comments if you see a difference!

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