5 Great Ideas for Celebrating Mother's Day

April 21, 2019

5 Great Ideas for Celebrating Mother's Day

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me. By the time I realize it’s May, it’s already only two weeks away (or less). Thankfully, my husband will usually ask if there’s anything special I would like to do, reminding me to make some plans. My answer is always the same: have an entire day off. No cooking, no cleaning, no work, no tending to the kids’ needs—just a day of pure relaxation with no responsibilities. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? That’s all I really need.

I admittedly scramble every year to plan something for my mother, however. (I hope I’m not alone in this!) You’d think I’d remember being a mother myself, but it’s not until my husband asks me what I want to do that I remember I have to do the same for my mother!

I always prefer to plan something for us to do together to celebrate the day rather than buying each other gifts. Although, this year I’m excited to restock my mother her favorite bottle of our serums because she has been so proud and supportive throughout my journey towards creating Adélie! But I still need to plan something too, since we always make it a priority to see each other on Mother’s Day or the day before.

Since I’m in full-on brainstorming mode right now trying to plan something special for us to do together, I thought I’d share my favorite ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day! (Aren’t you proud of me for planning early this year?)


5 Great Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day

5 Great Ideas for Celebrating Mother's Day


  1. Host a brunch. There is nothing I love more than hosting a brunch at our home. We’ve made this a Mother’s Day tradition in our family. It gives us time to talk over a strong cup of french-press coffee and breakfast foods. I really cherish this ritual because you can open up the celebration to other women in your life who are also mothers.The more the merrier!
  2. Go for some pampering. Mother’s Day is all about relaxation, so I think a massage or facial is always a perfect choice. I make us appointments at the same time, and we go a little early to chat in the sauna or even the waiting lounge.
  3. Travel. You all know how much I love to travel. I’ll take any excuse to go on a weekend getaway! My mom is the perfect travel buddy because we generally like to do all the same things. It’s nice to have a couple of days of one-on-one time to reconnect.
  4. Attend a class or activity together. Take a painting, cooking, or wine tasting class. Reserve seats at the pottery studio. Go to a dance or yoga class. The world is your oyster!
  5. Book a photo shoot. Have a professional photographer come take photos of your mom with your family. I love the idea of getting a photo of all three generations of women in my family as a gift to all of us. I may just invite a photographer over to our yearly Mother’s Day brunch!

I am hoping to use these ideas the spark some new traditions, like a planning a trip together every year. It doesn’t even have to be during Mother’s Day weekend. It could be a tradition of sitting down together at our brunch and deciding on our next getaway together. I just love starting new traditions!

What are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Share your traditions and ideas in the comments below!

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