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easy lip care 101 by adelie skincare
Lip Care 101

by Jessy Furniel October 16, 2018 1 Comment

With the changing of seasons and cold weather rapidly approaching for many of us, it’s time to talk about our lips! They’re so easy to forget about, yet once they start showing signs of dryness, it’s pretty much all you can think about because it’s so uncomfortable. This is a time of year where lips everywhere start ch



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Can I Be a Good Mother and a Successful Professional?
Can I Be a Good Mother and a Successful Professional?

by Jessy Furniel August 24, 2018

Every morning I start my day by getting breakfast started while my kids brush their teeth. Once they are settled and satiated, I sit down to start my work day. Because I work from home, it is vital for me to pre-plan my day to best maximize my efficiency and avoid burnout. The biggest part of that plan always seems to be “stay flexible.” 

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  • "Wow, I absolutely love them! My skin feels like butter, they are luxuries. They feel so pure, the scent is magnificient!"

    age 50

  • "The serum is "liquid gold" on my tired face. Nothing compares to it."

    age 39

  • "I second that: it's like liquid gold! Within the first week I could see my forehead fine lines diminishing considerably, and my dry skin more hydrated and suppled. It's a rest treat!"

    age 40+

  • "Omgosh, I love them both! Absolutely amazing!"

    Certified Aromatherapist

  • "Fresh herbal oil serum that seems personalized to my skin!"

    Ages 35-45

  • "Wow, it rejuvenates my skin and makes me look great!"

    age 35

  • "Seriously, when is this liquid gold/magic potion becoming available? Testing this for 2 weeks and I'm seeing even more of an improvement! Amazing scent, non-greasy bottles of gold!"

    age 39

  • "It really penetrates the skin with fabulous hydrating results!"

    age 35-45

  • "Love these face serums, they are so beautiful, pure and very transparent with the ingredients. Plus, their formulas meet the criteria for the EU certifier COSMOS Standard for organic cosmetics and as a Certified Oncology Esthetician, I can vouch that this product is above the rest in both quality and result-driven. It is a must try!!!"



  • premium quality

    made with over 95% organic ingredients
  • green chemistry compliant

    botanical science based
  • vegan friendly

  • mindful sourcing

    organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic
  • laboratory tested formulas

    product integrity
  • ethical indie brand

    sustainability conscious
  • fair trade

    support women coop farming
  • crafted in the u.s.a.

    ultra micro batches


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